Shakty Enlightenment Program

Have you ever seen the sun blocked by thick clouds and at times the sunlight breaks through the cracks in the cloud and form beams of light that shine through.  Imagine, if that’s what a chunk of cloud, that’s so small, could do to a source of light that can possibly give life to the entire world what could all the negativity can do to our soul by shrouding it!  This will be the most ideal example to typically speak to our soul’s circumstances.


Let us think like this. The bright sun is our spirit and the clouds are the undesirable coverings made by our mental and karmic substances, that we are attempting to expel through our intense practices. If you have a desire for enlightenment then you also must realize that, the processes involved would be more than simply removing these clouds, but involves significantly more work than that. Let’s investigate this.


Soul is completely associated with God. God is boundless. By what means can soul be boundless if it’s restricted to points of confinement of our body and brain? To accomplish soul’s maximum capacity the spirit needs to go outside the body. Typically humans can let the spirit outside just once in his life and that is at the time of death. In any case, as we free the body that controlled over the spirit without removing the shrouds, it leaves no scope for liberation. It carries the message of psyche and karma alongside it and finds another body to take birth and start the dying process again. That is rebirth.


When you tidy up the discordant energies that shroud the soul, the body will get the purest energy, the energy of the soul. Also know that the soul was constantly immaculate and that its energy was simply obstructed by contaminations. Now that you know the soul is and has always been pure in you, you should also know that if we gain access to the soul’s energy it will give us gigantic forces. When we fully achieve this it is called “Shakty Enligtment”.


If you are ready for this then you must also know that there are numerous approaches to accomplish the same through mystical sadhana. The procedure and means are different but not limited to the following:


  1. Yoga margam
  2. Bhakty margam
  3. Jhana margam
  4. Synthesis of yoga
  5. Trending now and most popular and useless is talking yoga “simply talk and talk”


Like you, I have been seeking enlightenment since a very young age except that I didn’t have any yearning to get wealth, fame or solutions to my worldly problems. My looking for was certified “enlighment”. My quest took me to meet many fake and true masters and have met with numerous failure especially to see through the fake ones and have wasted many years walking the wrong way till I ended up with my true master. All these I acknowledge as experience that set me up for next level of spiritual development.


So back to Shakty enlightenment .You must be by now thinking what actually is the way?

It very straightforward and simple process that I set up from all my disappointment and success where inside 5 years a disciple will accomplish any of the two fundamental things:

  1. Jeeva shakty (ultimate energy manifestation)


  1. Soul freedoms which is called Self Realizations or basically enlightment.

The former gives you a large amount of information about your souls potential that has been “concealed” and releases what is called otherworldly abilities, paranormal or siddhis. Knowing this information will make you understand your true identity and would be an extraordinary inspiration to dare to next level of “death of self and arrival of soul” which is called enlightenment.

Depending on what desires from the program, either both of the above or the first will be accomplished and that is why it was named “shakty enlightenment”. That means:

– Knowledge of shakty is soul control

– By knowing the force of jeeva  and along with that that full nature of the concealed force of “you or I”

– By knowing the full concealed power, ones makes the vairagya or the braveness to face passing for final liberation.

The program is planned to accomplish with guarantee the spirit control which is an absolute necessity for success. At the end of the programme your brain and body additionally knows everything that spirit knows. By then you know everything, you can do everything and this is called enlightenment.

Some fundamentals of the program is as following:

  1. Only most extreme of 100-150 graduates for every year, it exceptionally customized “master shishya” program and not a program that can be accomplished with millions of students that claim to give enlightenment. Even Lord Jesus, Buddha some of awesome giants of spiritual world can’t do this and I always wonder how this “master” from today that have “millions of students” that give false hopes to the followers.
  1. It is a mix of numerous methods that I learned and through which I accomplish the siddhi of the practice.
  1. This program will be offered as a 5 year of program and will be open till 2018. After that it will be closed and thereon attention will be given to accomplish what has been guaranteed.
  1. There is no prerequisite necessity for this program on the grounds that the program in view of idea that “everyone can be spiritual and can get enlightened”
  1. Out of these students some will be chosen to carry on my mission and ordained the master and guide others in this path.
  1. It is not simply a proclamation or a self-acclaimed status. All the abilities assigned to this state must be demonstrated by the student. It is not like what happened few years back where everyone was guaranteed enlightened based on a “calendar event”. There is certain progressions that noticeable and ability that can be tried on this. Case will be the siddhi is a sign of soul full liberation and “i” have admittance to it in full mindfulness.
  1. It is an structured program with a definite set of goals to be achieved every year under a genuine master – shishya program. The program requires the student to  invest quality time under the masters tutelage. Unlike other cases where the master sits in position of royalty like ruler and student petitioning him, this programme is full of hard work and cooperation from both sides.


What is the scheme for this program?

  1. There will be individual meetings with master for least of 3 to 4 days every session, twice a year.
  1. Daily practice as follow up practice.
  1. Distance activations, diksha
  1. Key for the accomplishment of this program is to un learn all the sacred texts, spiritual books or satsangs that you may have already read or listened to.