The Light in everything . The Light that has everything

Jothi is the supreme light that is present in everything. It is the light of your soul. It is the light of God. Practice with Jothi helps in revealing the dormant Jothi in you that was covered by our mental and karmic substances. Once it is revealed, the real transformation starts. Practice with Jothi makes it one of the fastest available practices as you are working with highest available energy. Additionally, Cosmic Jothi diksha gives unlimited access to Jothi and the abundant light converts your aura in to a shining sun.

Understand Jothi

Learn more about the supreme light

Jothi Transmissions

Experience Jothi & Heal deeply

Cosmic Jothi Diksha

Unlimited flow of Jothi & unlimited power

Jothi Retreat

A serious step towards spiritual progress

Light… Light that fills the heart…
Light…Light that is divine…
Light…Light that purifies…
Let the light come from Beyond …take us to the Beyond… beyond the Beyond…

Cosmic Jothi Diksha

Cosmic Jothi Diksha connects your heart to the cosmic source of Jothi. Energy channels are re-aligned to flow the maximum amount of light that you can contain and eventually, with practice, transform you to a walking sun. Cosmic Jothi Diksha is given during Jothi Retreats

Jothi Retreat

Jothi Retreats are designed to help you take a serious step towards spiritual progress. Many important initiations and guided practices are given that combines experience and practice along with clarity over concepts. In addition to the Cosmic Jothi Diksha, participants receive Sarva Shakti Sadhana, energies that can transform DNA and take you to bliss.

Weekly Jothi Transmission

This is a free service that will help you experience Jothi and deep healing. There are no pre-requisites.