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Be the change…!!! Receive Shanthi Jothi activation from the network of Peace Activators. Thousands of activators who are committed to this social cause do activation every day on a fixed schedule. With daily prctice, the energy not only starts to resonate in every cell of your being but also starts influencing the surroundings there by giving benefits to others too. This is a free service.


  • No registration is required to receive transmission
  • Scroll down to see activation schedule and instructions to receive activation
  • After activation, daily practice is required to bring changes in your system
  • One month practice with Shanthi Jothi is a re-requisite for becoming an activator.

Spread Peace

Become a Peace Activator…!!! After one month practice with Shanthi Jothi, you may choose to receive Diksha to activate others. Give peace to as many people as you can. No commitment required and no strings attached. This activation does not interfere with your religious belief or current spiritual practice. Do good and receive good karma.

  • Register is required to become an activator.
  • One month practice with Shanthi Jothi is a re-requisite for becoming an activator.
  • Instructions and diksha time will be sent to registered email.
  • Its free. No activation fee is involved


Activation Schedule

All times are in Malaysian time. Please click here to convert it to your time zone.

12 AM to 1AM

2 AM to 3AM

4 AM to 5AM

6 AM to 7AM

8 AM to 9AM

10 AM to 11AM

12 PM to 1PM

2 PM to 3PM

4 PM to 5PM

6 PM to 7PM

10 PM to 11PM

12AM to 1AM

Instructions to receive activation


To receive activation, please start the following meditation on any of the schedule time slot given above.


  • Please start with affirmation – “I am connected to the activator of peace energy to receive this activation process”
  • Place both palms over the heart chakra and chant “Shanty Jothi” for 5 minutes.
  • Remove your palms and perform Gyan Mudra with your hands.
  • Continue chanting the mantra “Shanty Jothi.” Feel the energy from the heart chakra spreading all over the body and expanding out from the body into your surroundings
  • Please continue meditation for 15 to 30 minutes. You may extend it as much as you want.

Daily Practice


The daily practice is to sit with hands in Gyan Mudra and make the following affirmation:

“I am transmitting peace to my whole body and expanding beyond to …….. (say where you want to send peace. Following are some examples) ”

  • Send intent to the radius of influence, or target area, for the peace vibration. [Example:  From my house expanding to a few blocks, or districts, or a specific target area like any disaster zone such as Syria.]
  • The Area of influence and intensity of energy will increase with the daily transmission meditation.
  • The more we perform this meditation, the more we connect with the cosmic soul.
  • As our own vibration increases, it is mirrored by an increase of power and intensity in the cosmic. What is above is also below.
  • Please meditate for 15 to 30 minutes. You may extend it as much as you want.


This meditation is not recommended for pregnant women, children below 15 years of age and for patients suffering from psychiatric issues.