Pranashakty Team

Story of Sri Pranaji, his team & their mission
Founded by Sri Pranaji in 2004 in Penang, Malaysia
Beyond all religions, there is someone called God. Beyond all nations, there is something called Humanity. Beyond all distances, there is something called Love. Let that Love bind us together. Let the Pranashakty Team express our love to you by healing your body, mind & spirit.
About us

Pranashakty group is spread in many parts of the world. Its expansion has been fast and it happens only through service. We are here to grow through energy and serve through energy. Every individual who joins hand with us will be capable of taking care of his own spiritual development with the help of extremely powerful techniques and also can contribute to others spiritual growth. We believe in realizing through experience and meditation takes us to that experience which is beyond all experiences. The right techniques will take us there at the best speed.

We would like to deliver knowledge which is free from dogma and distortion. Our teachings are simple and straight forward and techniques are powerful, which can reach deep into the heart of common man.


The possibilities unrecognized, the resources not used, the energies un-harnessed… how can the life be complete with all these things? From a baby to an old man, every human being carries such potential in him that even he is surprised when hears about it. The formula to make the life beautiful is simple, enrich the self and enrich the world around. With the help of powerful techniques and simple efforts we can achieve this. In the light of knowledge and sadhana, our karmas burn and bliss takes over the chattering mind. Stepping in to spirituality is to stepping in to the reality… that is, the true you… and realizing the true self is said to be the ultimate goal of life which is called moksha or enlightment. Come, step in.


Our mission is not to change the world or transform the material world completely. Of course, it has to happen and all members of Pranashakty group are well aware of their responsibility in that respect. But, the mission of Pranashakty group is to bring spiritual upliftment and material things automatically start coming to us along with that. We are here to distribute few precious things that we have. It takes a lot of grace and good karmas to get it. We invite every one to grow through energy and serve through energy.

The Founder

pranaji1Sri Pranasiddhar, commonly known as Sri Pranaji, is a Siddha from the Ancient 18 Siddha Yogic tradition. He was born to Smt. Muniamah Chinapa and Sri. Parasuraman on 16 November 1965, Sitiawan Perak, Malaysia. His family is composed of deeply spiritual adepts who follow the Saivite Yogic tradition of Kashmir, and the Siddha tradition of South India. Sri Pranaji is the eldest among three brothers and one sister. Sri. Pranaji’s birth name is “Manimaran,” and he currently works at Seagate Industries, Penang, Malaysia, as a  Manager. Sri Pranaji is married and lives with his wife and two children at Bukit Mertajam, Penang[1] . Sri Pranaji, started his yoga training at the young age of 7 under the tutelage of his father, Siva Yogi Sri Parasuraman, an adept in Hatha yoga and the Saivite tradition. In his early childhood, at the age of 10, Sri Pranaji began the basic yogic kundalini kriya practice, and entered into a phase of intense sadhana for 5 years. Later, Sri Pranaji diverted his attention to his studies, and during this period, became deeply interested in martial arts, which exposed him to additional energetic practices. He holds a first Dan Black Belt in the tradition of Kyokushinkaikan Karate, and is an Asaan (Master) of Silambam, the traditional Martial Art form of Tamil Nadu, which is closely related to Kerala’s Kalaripayat. Sri Pranaji’s quest to reveal the mysteries of internal martial arts practices led him to several Gurus. He met many great spiritual mentors from the Sufi and Siddha lineages, under whom he completed his spiritual journey at the young age of 25. After this, Sri Pranaji focused on his work until his calling came, and it came in the form of his first disciple in 2004. Sri Pranaji is the glowing representation of the Universal Truth; the truth that anyone, with dedicated practice, can achieve enlightenment, even while living as a householder. Apart from the Siddha Yogic tradition, Sri Pranaji is known to be an adept in the Sri Chakra tradition, as well as in Sufi, Tao and Buddhist traditions. Sri Pranaji is an embodiment of supreme bliss (“Anantham”), and has been working tirelessly to help humanity progress spiritually since a very young age. Sri Pranaji was entrusted with the teaching of the supreme knowledge of the “Arut Perum Jothi, Thani Perum Karunai” by Swami Ramalingam (The Vallalar), and ever since this Divine duty has been entrusted to him, he has been giving Cosmic Jothi initiations to spiritual seekers across the globe.[2] Lineage The Pranashakty lineage is graced by Great Gurus and Masters such as The Vallalar, Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, members of the Sufi lineage, and the Ancient 18 Siddhas of South India. pranaji2Teachings Sri Pranasiddhar is fondly known among his disciples as “Pranaji.” Sri Pranaji was instrumental in bringing the “Arut Perum Jothi” Cosmic Jothi Deeksha to this world. Sri Pranaji’s teachings and courses are widely sought after by many people worldwide due to their simplicity and openness, and due to the extremely quick results spiritual aspirants experience. He is considered “The Guru of Simplicity” who advocates spirituality for all. It has been observed that a vast majority of his followers are working class, married people. Sri Pranaji’s teachings help people to lead a perfectly balanced material, as well as spiritual, life. Many of his students, who reach great heights of spiritual growth, are evidence enough of his direct, effective, and practical approach to spirituality.[3] Sri Pranaji has developed a step by step method of achieving the Jothi Deham, or “The Deathless Body of Light,” through the Jothi Body of Light Levels 1 and 2, Advanced Kundalini and Savikalpa Samadhi retreats. Sri Pranaji also trains his disciples in the advanced Kayakalpa practices of Saava Kalai (“The Art of Deathlessness”), Kundalini Practices, Siddha Inner Power, Siddha Inner Beauty for Women, and Varma Kalai.[4] InitiationsThe many initiations–given by Sri Pranaji at various levels of sadhana, include the Ananda Siddhi, Helium and Cosmic Jothi Deekshas, Kundalini Shaktipath, Mahalakshmi Sadhana, Saraswathi Sadhana, Purity Light and Life Improvement Empowerment, Quantum Pranashakty Transmission, Kayakalpa and Energetic Amritham therapies, Five Element Activation, Psychic Energy Empowerment, Bioenergy, Parashakty, Aayam of Surya, Aayam of Chandra, Inner Power Prana, Inner Beauty Mantra, and more–which in a step-by-step manner, guide the student towards achieving the Arokia Deham (“Diseaseless Body”), Suddha Deham (“Pure Body”), and the Jothi Deham (“Body of Supreme Effulgence”), or the “Deathless Body.” Pranashakty International Sri Pranaji, founded the Pranashakty spiritual movement under the name of Pranashakty International, Inc. Pranashakty headquarters are located in Malaysia, though Pranashakty maintains a healthy global presence. Every year, people from many parts of the world flock to Malaysia to attend various residential retreats organised by Sri Pranaji. Other Major Contributions

  • Founder of the Siddha Applied Siddha Institute[5]
  • Founder of the Malaysian Varma kalai society[6]
  • Founder Siddha Inner Power
  • Founder Siddha inner Beauty
  • Pioneer in spreading the Siddha System globally
  • Pioneer in Cosmic Energy-Enhanced Natural Medicine[7]
  • Pioneer in the field of combined application of Energy and Varmam for Autism[8]
  • Pioneer in simplifying the science of the Deathless Body, or Saava Kalai, through a process called Siddha Arokia Deham Kriya
  • Creator of the NCRP Method, Siddha Turiya Meditation, Healing with Bliss, Siddha Inner Power and Siddha Inner Beauty
  • Revolutionized spiritual concepts of openness/exclusion by offering Kundalini Shaktipat for people outside of his lineage.
  • Spread the Ananda Siddhi practice on a global scale through a Deeksha process.
  • Started Varmam therapy for Autistic children

Acharyas trained under Sri. Pranaji Sri Pranaji has trained a select few to carry his message to the world. These students are called Pranashakty Acharyas. Each Acharya gets special and direct training under Sri Pranaji  and their spiritual growth is continuously monitored. Acharyas are chosen by a Divine selection process, and are given special trainings and empowerments to allow them to work among all people, and to give deekshas and spiritual activations. Each Acharya receives a spiritual name during a divine ceremony, or “Nama Deeksha.” This initiation carries the grace of the Siddha lineage. Being an Acharya is considered a great spiritual responsibility, and is based upon Guru Shishya Parampara and accompanying principles.