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Maha Shivarathri Global Meditation

On 4th March 2019, On the auspicious day of Maha Shiva Rathri, Pranashakty organized a global meditation with special sankalpa for spiritual progress. hundreds of spiritualists joined us for meditation to manifest the Sankalpa together, lead by Sri Pranaji.

We will be back with a similar even on Maha Shiva Rathri in 2020. Scroll down to learn more about the event and what particpants expereinced.

Participant feedbacks

When the meditation started, I really felt, that the mantra was working – like it was on fire, full of energy. very quickly, I went into an altered state, lost my body, the mantra slipped away in between. I chanted for a good 20 minutes and got really tired afterwards. So I took a rest and immediately fell asleep. After I woke up, I felt, that the core of my being was somehow strengthened. I was fully alert, without good energy and fully confident. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience, Sri Pranaji.

– Cordula, Switzerland

Dear master, thank you for the wonderful meditation! Feeling the incorporeality, simplicity and the feeling of flight, the love and the light illuminated my mind. I’m at the airport, though. Tomorrow will repeat) I congratulate you and all with an excellent event! Om Maha Jothi Shivaya Namaha

– Pavel, Russia

First numb the upper part of the head. Then the sensation of the body completely disappeared. A sense of presence everywhere and in everything, but without a body.

– Kristina P, Russia

Благостное состояние, растворение, недолгое ощущение жара, сначала мысленно произносила мантру, а потом она сама звучала во мне. Огромная благодарность Мастеру и группе 

– Elena B, Russia

Thank you dear master! That was great . I felt warmth along my spine as well as in my heart area.

– Faina, Russia

Состояние умиротворения и фигура Мастера в белом в медитативной позе предо мной на уровне Аджны. Раньше не было такой визуализации/ видения даже, когда думала о Мастере.

– Elena D, Russia

The physical body sometimes disappeared, at some point I felt that I was 20m tall, sometimes no borders at all. There was movements in the spine. Changes in the part of spine that has problems. Microvibration, similar to electricity, throughout the body. Thank You Master for fantastic experience! Arut Perum Jothi 

– Leva, Russia

First was strong the flow of energy. Then I was in the circle and in subsequent body was dissolved. At the end of the practice began to do the energy pulses. After practice wanted to eat

– Alexander K, Russia

Master, thank you for today’s meditation. The states of acceptance of Light began yesterday, apparently in advance. As the air enters into me and I see it as light and grace, it became so easy and calm and everything), there is no thought, just grace. Today, at 19 o’clock, the beginning of meditation began with a strong heat in my head, as if fiery energy was rising through the spine. There was a strong expansion in the body. The heart and the core of the head spread and widen. I really wanted to laugh a lot. There was a sense of joy and elevation of mood. Now, some time after meditation, there is a fullness of energy in the body. After the first meditation on March 3, I immediately became very sick, my throat felt like a knife. Cough and pain in my head, like the strongest flu, after meditation on March 4, I almost immediately fell asleep. I woke up with a slight cough, but my body still aches a bit, but there are no more knives in my throat. Today, the head is clear and it is easy to accept oneself in shadow emotions, as if suddenly they themselves became very aware of me!

– Tatiana F, Russia

Спасибо Мастеру и всем учителям и всем всем. Мощная энергия, до сих пор идёт.

– Nikolaj T, Russia

Thank you, dear Master! Thanks to everyone who participated in the meditation. It was beautiful and powerful. I felt a great warmth that flowed into me through Ajna and Sahasrara. I had 3 friends with me. They were very surprised by such power flow. Today I definitely join again.

– Marina, Russia

Thank you, master! Very strong meditation was this night. A lot of energy felt in crown and ajna also

– Evgenij, Russia

It was my first unexplainable mediation experience I went through. I do not remember what happened to me for most of their time. As I started off chatting I felt driffting away into a light. Felt light filling within, then felt heat or energy all over. During the progress I saw Lord Siva in the black form also saw myself. As I was feeling this heat within, do not know what happened until I felt myself breathing and still chanting. I know I did not sleep but what happen?? . It was nearly two so just sat and enjoyed the peacefulness, joy within and then sleep. Got up did not remember anything and want to.

Mary, Malaysia

I was in meditation for almost 2 hours. Deep relaxation of the body, no feelings of body, thoughts disappeared for some periods several times, 3D sounds around, several times conscious disappeared like in a sleep but most of the time it was very clear and felt like without no end. Many thanks for this experience, Master! 

– Anna, Russia

I felt that my back and spine was fixing in meditation. Also , i almost lost the body, at the end very pleasant kind of kundalini, and electrical buzzing was periodically. After two sessions of MahaShivaRatri i feel like everything was washed out- old emotions and resentment, pain in the back of shoulder, even neck fixed! Deep clean and clear. Ready again!

– Sasha, Russia

Было ощущение расширения и вытягивания вверх в столбе света, давление в аджне и по всему позвоночнику тепло, казалось,, я выросла и  и наполнилась светом и силой

– wikbyk225, Russia

Last night, I meditated for half an hour. Saw shooting white rays of Light… tingling crown of head and below… but I felt very sleepy. 

Jaya, Malaysia

огромные благодарности Мастеру!  Делала  примерно 30 минут больше не получилось  дети…  .  Было ощущение жара в позвоночнике и во лбу. Поток света входящий в лоб и омывающий сверху, жар во всем теле и истома. Странные ощущения внутри головы, не знаю как объяснить, как я не в теле а вокруг дома , как везде и в теле. Было круто !

– Morenasva, Russia

I also did round 2… Was interesting cause I felt peaceful n ‘saw’ someone meditating also … Can’t remember the rest.

Pavan, Australia

i had a vision of a siddhar sitting at a tree..but I cant figure out who is he and a bright white light swirling around me .. like its happening around me physically. And my mind went blank and could not chant the mantra . All happen with 20 mins.

Vanitha, Malaysia

I was intending to focus on the chant about 40 to 45 mins. After some time chanting I saw in a flash of Lord Ganesha.

But, after chanting around 10 to 15 minutes I got lost into nothingness, and went truly deep within, almost not breathing. It’s like a moment just stopped. It was at that moment I saw Lord Shiva in cosmic linga form, I was froze and in awe of that moment.

My forehead region was extremely heavy and finally I decided to take out my Jeeva and check what’s happening in the body. A huge concentrated energy entering into the crown, filling the forehead and my whole spine was lighten up… I can see the energy entering all the nadis, I had a slight physical pain around my heart region and that’s where I got back to my body. After that it was ok. I believe the energy is cleaning the channels and I ended the process feeling much lighter and blissful thereafter, took sometime to sleep after that.

Thineswari, Malaysia

Open Spiritual channels from crown to pineal gland

Invoke cosmic blessing for spiritual progress in your own path

Invoke cosmic blessing for prosperity, health & protection

During Maha Shiva Rathri, all glands and knots in spinal code are open to reeceive treamendous flow of spiritual energy and blessings pour in to our minds, hearts and lives. Otherwise, on a regular day they are closed and don’t allow the energy to enter the system. Maha Shiva Rathri is an auspicious day when meditaion & certain sankalpa manifest due to easiness in connecting to Shiva consciousness. A Yogi can enhance this experience by using his spiritual power to connect individual consciousnes with cosmic when practiced together. Lord Shiva helps a person illuminates & trancends all 3 consciousness – when you sleep, dream or awake.