Guru Purnima Special Thuriya Meditation

Welcome to Pranashakty’s Guru Poornima event (An auspicious occasion falling on the full moon day of the month of Ashad [July-August] where students honour their Guru’s by offering respects, conducting events in honour of their Guru etc.).

Date : 22nd July 2013
Instructions for participants : Click Here

Pranashakty Acharya’s are organising a powerful transmission of Turiya Meditation on 22-23 July 2013, full moon night. We welcome all of you to join us this Guru poornima and connect to higher consciousness through our Turiya Meditation transmission. Raise your vibration and transform your life for a better, positive future by experiencing Gurus grace with your fellow humans all over the World.
With a simple method everyone can follow in their own home, we connect you to the Divine Source – all you need to do is to make it on time, we will show you how to do it!

Commit yourself for transforming your life and thanking your Guru. We co-create our World and by holding hands with others, the power of gartitude will carry you all the way to experiencing the Guru tatwa!

EXPERIENCE – the Bliss through this meditation, BELIEVE – in the power of Love and Light, CELEBRATE the presence of a Guruin our lives. All Welcome!

This global event will be a unique energy transmission by the Ascended Siddhas–along with Siddhas at work in human form in this world–and Pranashakty Acharyas around the world to induce the state of Turiya in participants.

Turiya is the highest of the 4 primary states of consciousness, known as the conscious sleep state, or sleepless sleep.